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Spa for Relaxation

The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.

Cities which are affected by pollution, unhealthy life styles, stressful life and 24 x 7 working scenarios due to mushrooming call centers which service the west with midnight operations upsetting our biological clock needs desperately need to smoothen and bring back the natural balance. Spas which were earlier seen only in star hotels now reach out to the citizens in way of day spa catering to all the spectrum of peopleYoung and old, Fashionable and trendy, People with medical ailments, Rejuvenation from illness.

Spa de-stress you from your regular lifestyle. It is one form of mediation. Here you can switch yourself off from the world and just indulge into the therapies which suit your body the most.

Spas are popular with the foreign tourist who are in frame of mind to relax and unwind. This frame of mind is ideal to enjoy the spa therapies and pamper your body and senses. Even the localities who work in constant atmosphere of stress need to unwind. The ambiance of the spa transports your mind to a peaceful destination. The Thai specialty spa have the traditional Thai massages which are termed as a lazy mans yoga. These incorporates all the yogic postures which one generally does not do. The therapists ensure the massage is performed in a way which suits your body and relaxes the person completely.

Body needs therapy all the time. It needs care and attention. We attend our body only when it breaks down. Then we treat it with medicines, Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda etc. The spas help ensure you need not reach the stage where you need medicines. You need to understand that this is a proactive way of treating your mind and body to be healthy and fresh way of life (just like sports). You need to enroll and make it a way of life.

Heavea Spa offers such kind of Thai Specialty spa which brings you the traditional Thai therapies right here in Pune. One needs not travel all the way to Thailand to experience these therapies. You can visit Heavea Spa in kondhwa and book your appointment today. Go and lead a healthy lifestyle, visit the spa and get and stay rejuvenated.

Client Feedback

  • <span>, Specialist</span>
    "Heavea Spa is a truly authentic Thai spa experience! If you want a truly authentic Thai massage then Heaven Spa is the place to be! A soothing Thai palace environment is the ideal setting for a relaxing de-stressing massage. The therapists are from Thailand and know their job of coaxing out the stress knots from a tired body! The rejuvenation felt at the end of a dry Thai massage is only to be experienced!"
    - Karatortho, Specialist
  • <span>, Spa Therapist</span>
    "Spa – Fan Heavea Spa Or Deep Relax Thai Massage & Spa Hi, I would like to go for a spa with my hubby while in Chiang Mai. Would like to know.. between the two mention in subject above, which is better? Are there any other spa worth trying? Thanks."
    - Annie P, Spa Therapist
  • <span>, Visitor</span>
    "I Am Sure One Of The Best Or Probably Best In Pune We tried the Thai therapy and was truly out of the world. The ambience transports you to the ancient kingdoms of Thailand. Massages are relaxing and soothing and it was an fantastic experience. I strongly recommend this place. It rocks!!!!"
    - Visitor304555, Visitor
  • <span>, Visitor</span>
    "Amazing Spa I Had Ever Visit I have been staying In Pune for last 3 yrs…, but I guess I missed this place…I had gone to Thailand specially for massage, totally unaware we have a better place in Pune, the staff is very courteous,the best part is that the girls here are of Thai nationality, so u get a feeling of as if u are in Thailand only, the massages they offer are of good quality,I’ll keep going to this place more often, they have a superb couple therapy"
    - Ashleshraj S, Visitor

Our Technological services has been improved vastly

Come Experience the real life situations of saving life
Deep Tissue massage (Swedish) 60mins! A deep muscle tissue manipulation technique which focuses on stressed area of your body to rejuvenate and invigorate. This technique helps improve blood circulation and enhances the body’s natural detoxi?cation process. Highly effective in improving muscle tone and ?exibility, as well as relieving stress.
Thai Massage 60mins! By correctly pressing the body’s energy meridians as well as the veins and the muscles, this massage releases the sluggish flow of blood, built up by toxins that gather in overworked tired muscles. In a sense, it invigorates and heals, realigning and releasing built-up tension with a physical workout.
Foot Reflexology 45mins! Restore and revitalize yourself with this ancient Chinese therapy based on the principles of re?exology. By massaging speci?c pressure points on the foot sole that correspond to various organ systems, this technique helps reviving energy circulation by restoring equilibrium.
Hot Stone Massage 60mins! Harnessing the healing power of warm Volcanic stone, small stones are placed on key energy points, whilst the deep penetrating heat from the stones are used to massage the body using ‘traditional techniques to release muscular tension and balance the spirit.

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